Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 365 Update

So as you can tell from my absence...I may have gotten behind on Project 365. Last year at this time I did the same thing. I get behind on the blogging and editing and eventually just give up. So I have a few pictures that I have taken yet to edit and upload but they haven't been every day for the month of April. With the new month I am going to try and get back on track with Project 365 even if I am missing a few days in there.

On a more exciting note....I only have one month (or less!) of being pregnant. My body can't keep up with everything I want to do and I am getting uncomfortable. We are very excited to meet to our new little girl and I think Bella is the most excited. She talks to the baby a lot now and seems to think the way to do that is through my belly button....weird but very cute! Happy May Day!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Isn't she beautiful? I may be a little biased but I love her fair skin, blue eyes, and blond hair. We had a photo shoot with Micah and Mac and I am really happy with the pictures I got. We are having a great time relaxing and enjoying some time with John's family. I don't want to go back to the Northern weather!
Here's the lone boy of the family, Mac. He is all boy compared to all the girls in the family and such a cutie. I love his dark hair and dark eyes compared to all the blue eyes and light colored hair. We had a great time swimming in the pool today and enjoying the eighty degree weather. I love vacation!
This is my wonderful niece, Micah. I took this picture in the car rental place and just love it. It's simple and it's so Micah. She looks a lot like her mom in this picture too. What a cutie!
We are staying Omaha tonight and our flight for Arizona leaves tomorrow. Best thing about staying in a hotel is the full size mirrors and how much Bella loves to dance in front of them. She is cracking herself up here!
She is going to hate me later fur this picture but she makes me smile every day with crazy stuff like this. She is helping me pack for Arizona and found these shoes to bring with us.
I am in the process of washing and organizing all of our "baby" clothes from Bella and her two cousins. The new baby will not have a shortage of clothes to wear. This is about 2/3 of the clothes that I have. I can't wait until I am done!
Bella hanging out in her bedroom before her nightly reading story. This is one of the last pair of footie jammies we have that still fit her. She is also refusing to wear them sometimes so I thought I would get a picture of her in them while I still can.
Bella made this cute Dr. Suess hat at daycare. It is fun to see her cute projects and watch how her coloring abilities change.
Seeds are planted and I have got my grow lights set up. Now I just have to wait to see if they grow! I'm a little nervous since this is the first time I have tried to grow anything from seed but hopefully it turns out! I'm very excited for the warm weather and to get my garden going this season. Some of the seeds I've planted this year are green beans, tomatoes, peppers, a few different flowers, hostas and some other things. I am going to expand the garden this year so look for pictures of it in a few months!
We are headed to Arizona in a couple of days and I bought a new umbrella stroller for the trip. Bella is all ready to go. She has everything she needs- baby doll and her sunglasses.
Snack time on Daddy and yes....we may be watching American Idol. We are a little bit addicted this season.
She is watching, The Sound of Music. One of my absolute favorite movies and she is liking it! I LOVE Julie Andrews. One of my other favorite movies in Mary Poppins. I hope Bella will share my love for these movies too!
It's March! Which means warmer weather and a dog that is getting into trouble. Rocco is in the mud room for the near future because he thought the "fertilizer" that they were spreading in the fields next to our house sounded tasty and is now paying for it by being a very sick pup. He is miserable right now and I do feel sorry for him but come on Rocco....DISGUSTING!
We are starting a job chart with Bella. We have picked four jobs out for Bella to do every day. If she does all four she gets a sticker on her chart and at the end of the week we give her a quarter for every sticker she has. I took some pictures of her doing each job and we have them on little cards in an envelope on the fridge. Once she has completed the job she puts it in her "Done" envelope. Hopefully she keeps up with it!
Just a lazy Friday night!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A lazy Friday night. For all my photography friends out there, I lowered my aperture and was practicing on getting my picture in focus tonight. I went from 2.8 to 2.2. I think I will keep it here for awhile until I can get some sharp pictures and then lower it again. Bella is breaking out in a rash as you can see on her face. She has the most sensitive skin so hopefully it's just dry skin and nothing to serious. Guess the sensitive skin comes with the blond hair and blues eyes!
We tried to take a picture tonight with the self-timer. This is our eighth picture maybe....I thought it was funny that Bella had her eyes closed. We gave up! We had American Idol to watch!
My baby is going to be saying good-bye to her pacifiers soon. She thinks that when the snow melts Tinker Bell is going to come and take them away. In return, Tink will leave Bella a special present. She also thinks that Tinker Bell is going to give all her old pacifiers to the new baby. So one of the last signs that she is a baby will be gone. I will be happy to see them go but am sad that my baby is growing up.
We had an ice storm yesterday and everything looks beautiful. I tried to get a picture of some trees but it was too bright out to catch how cool the ice looked. I thought our basketball hoop looked neat too. Although the ice is nice to look at, it makes me want spring to come even more!
He's huge! Rocco will take up a whole love seat or he will try to be a lap dog and squeeze into the smallest spots. He never figured out that he grew and isn't a puppy anymore.
Bella is reading books to us like she is a teacher. I would like to push her in another direction for a future career but for now it really cute. She "reads" the book and then turns it around to show us the pictures. Sometimes she will discipline an imaginary kid to sit down and listen too. Funny!
How many more days until I can have a glass of this??? Too many to start a countdown!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our little bookworm. Bella has been looking at books a lot more lately and if you listen closely she will tell a little story. Sometimes it is a story she has heard before so she will tell it pretty close to the actual story. Other times she might just make something up and it is so cute. She has a great imagination!
No that is not a lake, it is the same view from my sunrise picture a few days ago. But now all that snow has melted and we have a very flooded field across the street. The full moon is so bright and it looks beautiful reflecting off the water. This picture doesn't do it justice.
Grilling in February! It was in the upper 40's today and we are getting tried of the same of stuff for supper. So we grilled tonight and it was delicious. John also went on a hunting trip in the backyard tonight. He got himself a possum. Bella and I watched the event from the safety of the living room window....YUCK! At least that is one less possum in the world.

A gorgeous sunrise this morning. Temps are rising and hopefully soon all that snow will be melted! Spring is on its way!
Happy Valentine's Day! Bella had a little party at school today and got a few Valentines from her friends. Of course she was more excited about the candy.
Thinking of a lot of people today.
Sleeping Beauty...I think we have one of the best looking dogs out there. It may be due to all the beauty sleep he gets throughout the day and it probably doesn't hurt that it is on our big, comfy bed. Spoiled dog!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tonight Bella's hair was sticking straight up. It made for a great picture.
My favorite snack at night. Ice cream and a glass of ice water. I have to get my calcium somehow!
Rocco was laying on the couch and it looked like he was smiling. I'm glad he laid there long enough for me to get a picture of him. Looks like he is having a sweet dream.
We started working on Bella's valentines today. She choose Disney Princess ones (of course!). We are stuffing a little bag with a few treats. She is having a little party at daycare on Monday. I don't think she quite understands what Valentine's Day is but I'm sure she will just be excited to look at all the characters on the valentines she will get.
I may be crazy but Bella and I went swimming even though it is below zero outside. I am getting cabin fever in all this cold weather. It needs to warm up soon. Bella had fun though getting out of the house and it was very warm at the pool, which felt good. How many days until summer?
Rocco is staked out underneath Bella's chair while she is eating. He wouldn't want to miss any food that she may drop.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm all caught up on my posting. I got a little behind this week and I only worked half a week. I'm going to try and keep up this next week. Bella is sitting in what use to be my chair when I was a little girl. My uncle is a pilot and bought it for me when he was overseas. You can't really see it, but behind Bella's head is my name written on it. Bella likes to read books in this chair and it is also our "time out" chair. I love that we still have it and that Bella gets to use it now.
Happy Birthday John! Today John turns the big 28! We celebrated by going out to eat with his dad and Malinda. It was really yummy and a good time out. Love you Johnny and hope you had a great birthday!
This is Rocco's "there is food and I want some" look. His ears go up and forward. He looks adorable when he does this so it's hard to say no. Some of his favorite human foods are licking the ice cream bowls after we are done and stealing cereal bars from Bella when she is not looking.
Bath time! I love how big and blue Bella's eyes look in this picture. It is good to have her feeling good again after being sick all last week. Another snow day today. Looks like a 2 and a 1/2 day work it!