Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 66

Bella has been giving us some really funny faces lately. This is just one of the many. She will even try and copy the face you are making. Hilarious!

Day 65

Just waiting for Mommy to get our stuff together and head to work!

Day 64

Bella is becoming such a little lady....where did my baby go? She is growing up way too fast!

Day 63

My little reader telling us a story.

Day 62

My heart was broken when I realized that I forgot to take a picture for Day 62...Project 365 is now Project 364.

Day 61

Bedtime stories....I love them! Bella loves to listen to books and reading books before bed is a routine in our house since Bella was 4 months old. I think it has made all the difference when it comes to bedtime. Bella has always laid down while still awake and not cried about it. She knows the routine and knows it is time for bed.
I thought Bella's little feet next to Daddy's were too cute to not post!

Day 60

I'M STILL HERE!!!! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Life it getting busy and now I"m over two weeks behind in post processing and blogging. I'm going to make every attempt to catch up this week.

Day 60- This day we went down to South Main Street in Memphis and took some pictures. The weather was warm and it felt good to get out. I've been struggling with working in daylight and my new camera so I thought some extra practice would be great. This is one of my favorite shots of Bella.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 59

It is slowly getting warmer. We went to the little playground by our house and Bella played around. She is now big enough to run around and actually enjoy it. Hopefully we will start getting out more and I can practice taking picture outside. It is a lot harder with so much variation in lighting.

Day 58

Still waiting for Daddy to come home.....

Day 57

Bella's new activity is to color. She likes me to write her name on the pages of the coloring book and will say "A", "E", "B". So she has some of the letters down but never the "L". She colors at her little drawing table. It can keep her busy for a long time. I think we have a little artist on our hands.

Day 56

Yes, he really is that beautiful! I love Rocco's coloring. I wanted a dog that was either red colored or white colored and I think Rocco is a perfect mix of both.

Day 55

Little Miss Independent! Bella loves to feed herself yogurt these days. It gets a little messy! But she has to learn some how.

Day 54

My solution to making supper without Bella crying for me to pick her up- bring her kitchen out next to me! She acts like she is cooking too!