Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 365 Update

So as you can tell from my absence...I may have gotten behind on Project 365. Last year at this time I did the same thing. I get behind on the blogging and editing and eventually just give up. So I have a few pictures that I have taken yet to edit and upload but they haven't been every day for the month of April. With the new month I am going to try and get back on track with Project 365 even if I am missing a few days in there.

On a more exciting note....I only have one month (or less!) of being pregnant. My body can't keep up with everything I want to do and I am getting uncomfortable. We are very excited to meet to our new little girl and I think Bella is the most excited. She talks to the baby a lot now and seems to think the way to do that is through my belly button....weird but very cute! Happy May Day!