Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 73

Meet our niece Ava. She is just over six months old.
This Micah...she is three years old. Bella and Micah have a great time playing together.
And this is the only boy, Mac. This was our first time meeting him. He is adorable and so tiny. I forgot how little they can be. We are in Arizona, visiting John's mom and John's sister and brother both came down with their families. FUN!!!

Day 72

Packing for Arizona. Do you think that Bella and I have enough shoes for three days?

Day 71

Bella strutting her stuff.

Day 70

Another day I forgot all about my camera....Project 365 is now Project 363.

Day 69

I HATE laundry! It is never ending. I need a maid.

Day 68

Oh, how we love the warmer weather! Rocco loves to roll in the grass. The only problem with that though is that the grass ends up all over the house. Bella is loving the weather too. I caught her reading books in her tent. I see a lot of fresh air in our future.

Day 67

Better late than never....I hope to be up-to-date soon.
This is Rocco's favorite spot on a nice day. Sitting on the ledge to the side yard. He's able to enjoy some fresh air but also keep an eye on what's going on in the house.